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Some companies abuse Employ Florida’s job board

If you’re looking for a job in real estate sales, you’re in luck.

At least, you are according to Employ Florida’s job board, which I have been using in my effort to find employment.

I ran a search on the board for jobs within a 50-mile radius of Ellenton, Fla., in any occupation group, paying at least $14.50 an hour. I unchecked the box “Include jobs with no salary listed,” and chose jobs from any source posted over the past seven days.

Clicking on search brought up 362 jobs, of which 114 were from an outfit called Prudential HiringCenter/Tidemark, Inc.

To beat a system that might be looking for repeated posts from one company, the job titles and job locations changed each time.

Maybe I should post different resumes under different names, and with different skill sets. Oh, but that would be unethical.

Some of us still believe in ethics, so I will play fair even if employers won’t.

In another little adventure, apparently my resume is making the rounds of some scam companies looking to rip off senior citizens through financial services, because I not only got an e-mail but a phone call on my cell phone from a recruiter for one of the companies. Sorry, but I’m onto that scheme, and not interested in financial services jobs.


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