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On ‘Big Love,’ one gigantic ego

I’ve been a fan of the HBO TV program “Big Love” since the first episode, though part of it is my no-holds-barred crush on Chloe Sevigny. OK, the actress who plays Margene is also cute, but there’s something about that blonde hair …

Back to reality.

As someone who can’t even get one woman interested in me, it’s kind of unfair that Bill Henrickson has three wives, and a fourth in the hiring process, but I guess having money and a profitable (so far) business as well as a religion that pretty much gives you a free hand to do whatever you want to whomever you want does give you some leeway.

A lifetime renewal for your Viagra prescription doesn’t hurt, and it’s just a wonder that he keeps all those kids straight in his head, but then again Bill seems to be one of the few MBAs in the world who can seriously multitask.

I remember reading an article when “Big Love” started that mentioned why women would go for such a system. It’s better to have to share a well-off man with two or three or more other sister-wives, the logic goes, than to be solo with a less-wealthy man. Thus you have men with a whole covey of wives, and other men with no one.

What really is amazing – and not yet noticed – about “Big Love” is that Bill (played so well by Bill Paxton) is just about the biggest narcissist in the realm of fiction. It’s all about him, and I guess he’s into the idea that he has three luscious women (maybe a fourth) at his sexual beck and call.

It seems like the whole family exists to be a sideshow to “Bill Henrickson’s Flying Circus.” And when he can’t get his way, he’ll bend or break any rule out there to make sure he’s on top at the end. (Pun intended).

Lest anyone think I’m engaging in Mormon-bashing, it’s not that. In any case, Bill and Co. are rejected by the main Mormon faith. (I’m nothing; an atheist. To me, all religions are equal, and equally wrong).

Bill is off on his own tangent, and he sees religion mainly as a way to get what he wants out of life, and to get back to “traditional Mormonism,” which to him is having multiple wives. If the other, less-well-off guys end up alone, well, that’s just the way “God” (read: Bill) wants it.

You’ll never hear it said outright, but religions can pretty much be turned to operate in favor of whatever people in authority want. Most elite folks pay lip service to the idea of religion, and figure it’s good for the “lower” orders of folks, but the elite see it mainly as a tool of control.

Indeed, I had a friend years ago who said that most religious leaders will admit if pressed hard enough that they really don’t even believe in God, but it’s a good job with no heavy lifting, and no one argues with you about your biblical interpretations. Just keep hammering away that the congregation is filthy and evil, and they’ll be eating out of your hand.

Anyway, this is more about “Big Love” than the trash religion peddles nowadays. And Bill Henrickson is a walking indictment of the whole system.


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