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How dare they? Here’s how and why

There’s been a lot of anger directed at bank CEOs and other high-ups on Wall Street and in American finance because they are taking in gigantic bonuses and, maybe even worse, keeping their jobs after destroying their employers.

Only in the realm of the American elite can someone leave a trail of destruction through a company and end up being paid to save the company from the disaster you’ve wrought. I really have to admit some admiration for the chutzpah the super-wealthy are showing. It’s almost comical when I hear about sacrifice because for most of these people, sacrifice means flying first class on the airlines and not buying that new corporate jet with the company’s money (see Citigroup).

Banks and other companies that are firing tens of thousands of people are led by people who really have no sense of compassion or respect for those who have not been able to climb the economic ladder. The elites we read and hear about in the media every day have contempt for those who did not dare to take what we thought we deserved, but lived with the notion that we should work for it and earn it.

We are disposable to the elite. Our lives are a joke to them. Our hopes are laughable. The brass ring is offered to us, and then when it’s just about within reach, jerked away.

On a recent episode of “60 Minutes” the story of a town in Ohio that will lose its sole employer, DHL, was told. It upset me, but what upset me more was that people started to cry on camera about their lost jobs, livelihoods, health insurance, and futures.

Does anyone believe for even one minute that the captains of industry, not only in the U.S. but all over the world, give a flying fuck about the regular people?

The only people who matter in the lives of the average high-level corporate executive are his charity-pretending wife (third or fourth, and much younger than he), his mentally deficient or drug-addicted children (must have at least one who is autistic, to score compassion points), and the sycophants who talk about how wonderful he is and how he gives to charities (usually run and scammed by fellow elites).

As for crying over my lost life, I wouldn’t give any of those scumsucking low-lifes the satisfaction because if I were able to, they’d be broke and living on the streets. Heck, most of them should be in federal prison for the stuff they’ve pulled.

Members of Congress have been making all sorts of noises about subpoenas and investigations, but here’s a little secret: pretty much the entire U.S. Congress has been paid off by the elite. There will be a lot of talk and a lot of grilling on C-SPAN, but ultimately the 535 mental deficients in the House and Senate will do nothing.

As for President Barack H. Obama, well, he can talk all he wants but it’s all just hot air. I’ll wager he’s got a few donors he’d like to keep quiet about. He’ll talk a good war to throw some raw meat to the gallery, but in the end the elite will not only get off scot-free, they’ll prosper even more.

I’ve been watching the fallout from the Bernard Madoff revelations, and their impacts have hit nonprofit organizations all over the place. Of course, when nonprofits cut back, it’s always on services for those they purport to help and since some of them were run by the elites who ran in the Madoff crowd, they naturally put the nonprofits’ money in Madoff’s funds. And now the money is gone, so the poor must suffer.

That’s the way it has been, and that’s the way it has always been.

And in the spirit of the elite’s form of democracy and openness, anyone who posts a comment that I think is nonsense will see that comment deleted.


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