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A last visit to Shea Stadium

It was a weird dream. In the last seconds of sleep this morning — before I awoke to fire up the computer and claim my weeks for unemployment — I dreamed of Shea Stadium.

Maybe because I had read in The New York Times about how the stadium is being disassembled, and that some fans were visiting to pay tribute to the place that gave them so much heartache – and joy.

It seemed like I was either there, or watching it on TV. I dimly remember thinking that I was either standing behind or watching Tim McCarver on TV. On the scoreboard was a giant picture of former Mets first-baseman Keith Hernandez, and I thought it must be a shot from the championship season of 1986. In the photo’s background, it was night, the right-field stands were packed and it might have been from Game 6 or 7 of the 1986 World Series.

The field looked so beautiful, so green, with bright lines marking the field like you see just before the first pitch. It looked like the Shea I saw the first time my father took me to a game, emerging from one of the tunnels into the bright sunlight and seeing the field, so green, so ready for baseball.

Then I awoke, and was sad as I realized that the picture in my dream is just a picture in a dream. Shea Stadium is never going to be that way again. Check out this Web site for photos of the demolition of the stadium. They make me want to cry. Only a part of the familiar semicircle remains; the field is a field of debris, not dreams.

Check out this video clip from Jan. 24 of the demolition.

The new Citi Field will be an improvement, but I bet it will be many years before I get to attend a game and see the Mets play (and maybe longer before I see the Mets win) there.


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