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Today was the first truly free day I’ve had since I moved to Gainesville.

My days off at the Gainesville Sun are Wednesday and Thursday, and after a few weeks of working and driving, and then working, driving, finishing packing and then supervising the unloading, it was great to wake up on Wednesday morning without too much to do.

True, I had to go food shopping, take some empty boxes to the storage unit and take care of other things around the house and elsewhere, but I also had time to watch TV (including “Treme” on HBO) and even do The New York Times crossword puzzle.

It’s been an eventful few weeks and I am so happy to be back at work, I could sing and dance. Really.

It’s fun being back in a newsroom environment, talking about the news and creating the next day’s newspaper. Everyone at the Sun has been very patient and helpful, and the computer staff has helped me get back into the system. I received my old employee number from the New York Times Regional center, and next Tuesday I have to undergo “benefits orientation” as part of the “employee rehire event.”

I’m grateful that I landed with my former employer and look forward to getting back on track in so many other ways. There’s a lot to do and explore here in Gainesville, and while I miss Ellenton and my house there, I still have the connections.

The house is going to be rented out starting in late May. I definitely want to keep it at least until I can sell it for what I paid for it. Fortunately, I was super responsible and made a giant down payment when I bought it, so the mortgage isn’t too onerous. I probably will never live in that house again, but I had four of the best years of my life there, and I’m grateful for that.

The condo in Gainesville is nice, and the cats are learning their way around it.

My subscriptions will start soon to the Gainesville Sun and The New York Times, and it’ll be great to have papers in front of my door again.

In the past few years, we’ve all had to make big changes in our lives. I’m glad I was able to keep so much. Most important has been the support of my family and friends.

That moral support means more than you can ever imagine.


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