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Tracking down noise isn’t easy in condos

The note next to the Sunday morning papers implied that I need to be a good neighbor.

I thought I was. I don’t play music loud, run the washer and dryer late at night or throw wild parties. The trouble, my neighbor wrote, is my “dog.”

There is trouble, and there is a dog that’s been barking like mad, and it has been bothering me, too. But I don’t have a dog. I wrote on the bottom of the note that I appreciated the person’s concerns and that I’m having a hard time sleeping, too, but the dog is in another unit.

For me, living in an apartment is a change from living in a single-family house. No more garage, no more taking the telescope out for observing on a whim and unloading the car takes more time and effort. Noise is just part of the equation now, both my own and others’.

I just wish the owner would do something to make the dog stop barking, and soon so my neighbors don’t think I’m a bad guy.

I’ve experienced this before. I lived in a place in Sarasota back in 2004 that was a connected house-condo. My neighbor loved to blast music late at night, and one day there was a note on my door asking me to please turn down the TV at night. But I worked nights; it was the neighbor.

I understand that I live among folks younger than me who tend to be wilder and less accommodating of others, so I don’t get upset at wild Friday and Saturday nights. My wild oats are long past, though, and being blamed is not the way I want to go through life.


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