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I may have killed Mercury

The news that another car brand is going to go away is a reminder that I kill car brands.

In earlier posts, I pointed out that some car brands that I have owned have gone away. Plymouth, Saturn, Oldsmobile and Pontiac are gone. I owned their cars, drove them and they’re gone. I still get a lump in my throat when I see an Oldsmobile Alero. That sure was a good car.

Walking past the VA hospital in Gainesville, a few times I’ve seen a beaten-down Dodge Aries, the twin to the Plymouth Reliant. I had a 1985 Reliant. The Aries I’ve seen is a mess, and it looks like the ball joint is out of whack on the right rear wheel. I hope no one’s driving it.

So how may I have killed Mercury? Well, back in the late 1990s, I was thinking of buying a new car. My Saturn SC2 was closing in on 102,000 miles and I wanted new wheels. Mercury had just come out with the latest iteration of the Cougar, and it looked pretty hot.

But I went to a dealer and had a look. The price was high, and the V6 engine required premium fuel. The sideview mirrors were, I read, nearly useless. I chose the Alero, and never regretted the choice.

But for a time, I seriously considered the Mercury, and I guess that’s reason enough for Ford to end the line.

It’s sad, because the first car I remember my father having was a Mercury. I don’t even remember the model.

At least we know Ford isn’t going away anytime soon.


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