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Fast connection, slow as molasses websites

I changed Internet providers when I moved to Gainesville, and was talked into taking the faster connection for a price that really wasn’t that much higher.

I know it’s not my computers, because at work and at home, on three computers on which I access the Internet, some sites are getting slower and slower.

It’s because of all those stinking ads. You know the kind, the roll-overs, roll-downs, sudden videos that appear in front of what you’re reading and try to make you watch an ad, as well as those ads with the very small close boxes. The Web has become a space where, ad-wise, just about anything goes.

There’s this one woman who really gets around, because I’ve seen her pitched as an “Ellenton mom,” “Parrish mom,” “Gainesville mom” and “Ocala mom,” and making big dough doing something for Google, or with Google or in Google or something. In any case, these job ads are all scams, as well as the latest revelations on acai berry and no-name online colleges looking to train people for nonexistent “green” jobs.

So you go to a news website for the latest details on what’s happening. First, it has to pull down all the, and other ads for junk, and then when the home page finally comes up, the roll-down ad moves everything down a few inches. Too late, you clicked on the story about the teenage sexting case and not the one about the platoon fighting in Afghanistan because you were slow on the mouse.

So you hit the back button and are back on the home page, and when you try to close the roll-down, you instead click on the ad by mistake. You close the new window that appeared, the roll-down rolled back up and you’re ready to read about the platoon.

Ooops. First you see an interstitial page that informs you that the page is loading, but in the meantime here’s an ad for HP or Boeing or Lockheed. OK, you’ve clicked on the link to go straight to the story, and damned if there isn’t a roll-right on that page. You forgot to move the mouse pointer to a safe corner, and here’s a flat-screen TV for $450. Finally, you get around that, and you start to read. Then you notice that at the bottom of the page, there’s a “2,” “3” and “4,” meaning that the story has been broken up into four separate pages, so you have to click for the next page, and maybe get bottled up in more ads.

So you look for and find the “View single page” button, but when you click it you get more ads.

This is why I believe that there will be a new print revolution as websites become even slower and more aggravating to navigate.


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