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When it’s time to say goodnight to a computer

My Dell XPS 4 has, for the time being, bitten the dust. It will be back, though.

It’s been a tumultuous time of late with my main computer system, and the latest failure has been frustrating. I did learn my lesson from August-September 2008, when it crashed and the ineptitude of the Best Buy “Geek Squad” added almost insurmountable pressure to a life already under stress.

I had lost my job, but was still working, and needed the computer because it had my job search files on it. It took more than three weeks to get the computer back and it was returned with a fresh install of Windows XP, though they did back up the C: drive.

Well, recently, the system failed to awaken from standby mode and has refused to boot up.

I have learned my lesson. Instead of taking it to the incompetents at Best Buy, I’m going to move everything, including the old hard drives, to my old Gateway machine and eventually try to restore it.

The old Gateway machine actually has a newer hard drive than the one that was in the system when it was bought way back when. I remember when that drive died and I replaced it with an 80 GB drive. I also have the 500 Gb external drive. The big job here is to take out the two drives from the Dell, install them one after the other in the Gateway, and get their data off. I may just use the C: drive for a little while as the second drive in the Gateway to send everything to the external drive, and then use the second Dell drive (both are 400 GB by the way) in the Gateway. Eventually, I’ll probably get a new drive for the Dell and get that up and running again.

It’s all so complex, and now that I have the Gateway as well as my laptop running my personal affairs, I can take my time at it.

Still, a computer failure is a pain in the butt.


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