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The Dell comes back to life

I was ready to pack my beloved Dell XPS 4 into the storage unit, and resign myself to using my ancient Gateway desktop when something amazing happened.

The Dell came back to life and I’m using it now.

My plan was to remove the hard drives from the Dell and put them in the Gateway, or buy an enclosure and move their contents to an external drive I have, but the former plan fell apart when I realized that my Dell’s drives couldn’t go in the Gateway machine. The latter plan would take too long, I thought.

So since I had already bought a new video card for the Dell and had installed it, I figured I’d try to get it to restart one more time. First, I checked all the drive connections, making sure they were in tight. Then I set up the Dell, its monitor, keyboard and mouse next to the Gateway.

I plugged the monitor and tower into power, pressed the buttons and waited.

The computer started up normally. I was able to install the new drivers for the Galaxy video card, and then was able to shut down and start up again.

So I took apart the Gateway and put the Dell up in its place, complete with speakers and everything else. The Dell started up, but the fans ran like mad. So I reinstalled the cooling shrouds and now the system starts up and runs normally, like it did before.

Is there a lesson in all this? Yes. Before junking a PC, try those connections again and again before you give up. Because of my persistence and imagination, I was able to get my favorite computer – a 5-year-old Dell with all my information, games and much more – operating again.

Also, don’t put the system in standby mode. That seems to be part of the problem.

I was thinking of getting a new tower, but I was going to keep the monitor, a 21-inch flat-screen that is nice and big and clear. Someday I may get a new computer and will put the old hard drives in the new system, but until then I’ll get the most use I can out of this system.

Computers can be the biggest annoyances in the world, and having one on the fritz can be incredibly stressful, but nowadays you need one.


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