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Charlie Sheen’s free ride must end

The news that Charlie Sheen has again entered rehab normally wouldn’t have much effect on me, but I feel the need to comment on it.

I work in the news business, and by that I mean real news, which doesn’t include the celebritcracy of TV and movies. But Charlie Sheen has forced himself upon my consciousness and there are just some things that must be said.

He has ridden for so many years on the coattails of his father, Martin Sheen, whose roles in “Apocalypse Now,” “Wall Street” and “The West Wing” showed him to be an actor with a wide range. Charlie appeared in Wall Street as the social and financial climbing Bud Fox who had outdone his father (played by his father), who spent his life trying to get DC-9 airliners fixed for “Blue Star Airlines.”

But Charlie Sheen’s career hadn’t taken off like his father’s and the news that he was on a series called “Two and a Half Men” didn’t even cause me to watch it. The news that Charlie’s a drug addict is even less news to me. In Hollywood, who isn’t?

So Charlie Sheen is on the conveyor belt of addiction, rehab, recovery, relapse, repeat. He’s doing his rehab at home this time, I guess so the hookers and blow can be delivered to his house instead of his room at Passages.

He’ll never recover in the usual sense, so this is all just awaiting Charlie Sheen’s inevitable overdose and death. He’ll do talk shows and be all self-righteous, but we know where the end is here.


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