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It’s time for Charlie Sheen to go away — forever

Charlie Sheen should leave forever.

To quote Mike Palmice’s wife in the first season of “The Sopranos”: “You mean, forever?”

And Mikey says, “No, the other forever.”

Let’s face it, Charlie Sheen has been living on borrowed time for so long, going on booze and dope binges, entering “rehab” and relapsing, and then being a jerk again, that it’s time we simply start the countdown to his “big sleep.”

Sure, his father Martin Sheen (not his real name, by the way) will be hurt, and Charlie’s ex-wives and ex-girlfriends might struggle to cope with his permanent departure, but the professionals who work on TV shows that he has destroyed or will destroy if he continues will continue to suffer.

There comes a time when the departure of a bad, rotten, scuzbag of a person is not mourned, but celebrated as the beginning of something new.

It reminds me of something from my days in the post office. There was a supervisor whose name I won’t give, but she was the terror of the West Palm Beach GMF. I won’t give her initials, but her husband, son and daughter also worked at the facility. I remember her son was a lazy bum always on injury compensation who usually ended up on the nixie table. That’s where mail that was damaged in machinery was put back together.

Anyway, she was a major-league bitch who loved to abuse people, and one time she was out for a while. She had gotten very sick and was in the hospital. I heard from another supervisor that no one had visited her while she was gone, and no one had collected signatures for a get well card or a gift for her. The supervisor said she was stunned at how disliked she was, even by her fellow supervisors.

When she came back to work, she was almost tolerant of those whom she considered to be trash (the regular workers), though she soon reverted to form. Still, she had seen just how everyone saw her.

So the moral today is this: Be nice to everyone, and leaving a trail of hatred and discontent behind you is sure to make you unmissed and guarantee no wet eyes at your funeral.

Are you listening, Charlie Sheen?


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