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I’m still a skeptic, but sometimes …

One of the biggest fields of pseudoscience is, in my view, dream interpretation.

I’m the skeptic of skeptics of just about anything in the realm of the paranormal, and I have little patience with people who spill their dreams in letters to dream interpretation “experts,” but I have to admit that a dream I had last night actually caused me to change my plans.

No, I didn’t cancel a flight because I dreamed of a plane crash, but something a little more down to earth.

Basically, I had planned to drive down to a Hyundai dealership in Ocala on Wednesday morning to look at a new car. I have been going around websites and studying dealer inventories for several cars, including the Chevrolet Cruze, Ford Fiesta (I test-drove both on dealer visits), the Hyundai Accent and Elantra, and even the Chevrolet Sonic, which isn’t out yet.

I had decided on the Hyundai Accent, though I might consider an Elantra (both get great gas mileage and my brother and his wife and daughter love their Hyundais), and made an appointment for the dealer.

I went to bed a little excited about the prospect, though sad about trading in my beloved 2007 Mustang and a little apprehensive about signing up for another loan. I bought the Mustang in December 2007 for a trade-in of my 2004 Toyota Solara plus cash, and never had to pay on a loan for it, the first time I had ever bought a car and left with the title. So the ties are strong, though weakening due to gas mileage and other issues. It still looks fantastic, though, and the sound system is top-notch.

Anyway, I went to bed with this in mind, and just before waking up had a strange dream.

I was working in a warehouse for a grocery store and, like with my current job, I had moved away from my home, rented it out, and rented an apartment near work. I was working for the night city editor, my immediate boss, in the dream job and doing what I thought was a good job.

As I was about to leave work, he called me over for a chat, and asked me how much unemployment eligibility I thought I might have left. I was floored, and told him I had moved up to the area for this job, and would technically be homeless since my house is occupied. I’d certainly have to give up my apartment, I said, and I’d have to stop the process of buying a new car.

The boss said he was sorry, but there had to be cutbacks.

I awoke right after that, and realized that that’s what had been on my mind. What if I get laid off from my current job? At least now, I have a paid-off car that’s all mine. I might have to move in with my brother and his wife for a time, but even with unemployment and the rent coming in it’d be touch and go if I could keep the house. Hyundai used to have a deal where they’d take back the new car if you lost your job, but that’s ended.

I got up, fed the cats, thought about it and finally went online and canceled my appointment for Wednesday. The Internet saleswoman was understanding, and I might change my mind in a couple of months and decide to go ahead.

But that dream really spooked me for some reason. I just hope it doesn’t turn out to be reality.


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