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Subjected to two-cycle reveille again

It’s Friday, my first day back at work after two days off, and it looks like I’ll have to bring my “A” game to the paper without a lot of sleep.

Early this morning, I thought I was being subjected to “landscapers’ reveille” because I began to hear the roar of two-cycle engines, but soon realized that the racket was going on far longer and wasn’t fading out as the landscaper walked away, but at a continuous volume.

When I went out for my morning walk, I found the reason why my sleep was interrupted. A crew is tearing up the concrete sidewalks in my development, and the work apparently requires a very loud generator run by a two-cycle engine. So much for sleep. The noise has been going on all day now, and it’s invasive and teeth-jarring.

The equipment for tearing up the sidewalks is even noisier, if you can imagine that.

Even a long walk fails to produce relief. It seems like the entire network of sidewalks in my part of Gainesville is being torn apart, and there is a mass of very, very loud equipment being used all along my routes. Even more frustrating is the use of leaf blowers to blow cement dust into the air, two noxious actions at once.

I guess I will have to change my walking route for now. I like the one I am on, the one that takes me past UF, but having to dodge vehicles while walking in the street because the sidewalks are closed makes it dangerous to continue.


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