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It’s time to pass a law against Mondays

Many years ago, some teenager went on a rampage and explained it to the cops thusly: “I don’t like Mondays.”

In song, it’s the least-loved day of the week. Remember the Carpenters’ song, “Rainy Days and Mondays”? The Moody Blues preferred “Tuesday Afternoon.” Simon and Garfunkel sang of “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” Chicago had “Saturday in the Park,” and let’s not forget the Monkees’ “Another Pleasant Valley Sunday.” As for Thursday and Friday, I lack the imagination to consider them right now.

Well, it didn’t rain on me Monday, but it sure poured. I was glad that on Tuesday morning I was still here, the cats were here and the computers were here.

But sometimes life just hauls off and hits you a shot that reminds you that you’re just a visitor here, and others are in charge.

Finding out that my employer is being sold to another company really blew my socks off. I was in shock most of the day at the prospect of the changes ahead, but then at around 7:30 p.m. I got the phone call that really threw me for a loop.

See, I thought I had a good thing going with a woman. Maybe it was mostly wishful thinking, but there were some other indications that all was well. My thinking, after hearing about the job thing, was that at least I had this relationship to sustain me.

Until ELO’s “Telephone Line” began emanating from my iPhone 3GS, and I saw it was my ex-beloved.

During the conversation, I must have sounded like I was drunk. I wasn’t. I was stunned already, and stunned again. I put up a weak argument, yielded to the inevitable and soon was back at my desk, bringing the news of the city, county and state to the people through the Ocala Star-Banner’s B section.

Life goes on. I’ll probably take out the telescope for observing on Wednesday or Thursday night – at home, instead of where I originally planned to take it. Seeing my old friends in the night sky somehow always centers me and puts it all in perspective.

Everyone’s been so supportive, and even the cats have been behaving themselves. Life goes on, I need a haircut and maybe new eyeglasses before the vision plan changes. Maybe the employer change will open up new opportunities for me. We’ll just have to see what develops.

Still, I’m sad about what’s being lost.


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