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Packing up is good exercise

When I moved from Ellenton to Gainesville in March 2010, it was a time for reassessment.

I threw out a ton of stuff, the accumulation of four years of living at the same address. Old electronics, including the first TV I bought in Florida, went to technology recycling. I’d bought a 19-inch set in 1986 and it sat on its stand, unused, for years in various houses I’d lived in.

It and a whole bunch of stuff went away that day of technology recycling in Manatee County. I gave books to Goodwill, but kept almost all the others. Of course, I kept my 42-inch and 27-inch TV sets, my bookcases, my computers and much more.

Now that I’m planning on moving back to my house in Ellenton sometime in late February, I’ve begun packing. The books have sat on their shelves for two years, and now they’re back in boxes and in the storage unit I’ve rented for all of this time. I have another case of books to pack, and then there are the two spare computers and my electronic keyboard and accessories.

If you can believe it, I’ve unpacked the keyboard twice and packed it away. Now I plan on doing it again, maybe at the end of January. I might even use it before I pack it up.

One big job was hauling all those boxes of books to the storage unit. I bought a large hand truck and took the boxes, three at a time, down the two flights of stairs and loaded them in the car’s trunk, back seat and put three boxes around the front passenger’s seat to balance the car. When I was done, my Chevy Cruze Eco’s rear was pretty darn low.

At the storage unit, I rearranged the place as best I could, then unloaded all the boxes from the car. The car felt a lot lighter and handled a bit better after that.

There are going to be more trips down the stairs with the hand truck, and I’ve laid in a supply of tape and even more boxes.

One thing is for sure: I am looking forward to being able to walk into my house again, using my own key, and sleeping in my master bedroom with the cats.


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