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The joy of the slow packup

Two years ago, I was able to get myself packed up and moved to Gainesville in a pretty rapid timeframe.

I didn’t have a job, having left The Bradenton Times a few weeks before, and thus had all day for about two weeks to get everything assembled for my move to Gainesville. I had found a tenant for the house in Ellenton, and felt obligated to clear out completely.

In the process, I threw out a lot of old magazines and other stuff that had been lying around. I actually finished the move a week after I started at the Gainesville Sun, having spent about a week commuting to and from Ellenton.

One problem with the new location in Gainesville was that, with the lack of a garage, I had to rent a storage unit for some of my stuff. It also meant that if I wanted something that was in the storage unit, I had to drive across town, wait for a left turn arrow at the longest traffic light in the history of the human race and then punch in codes to get near my unit.

Still, that storage unit has come in handy because it’s where I’m storing all my packed materials for my next move, which is to actually undo this move.

I’m mostly packed now, with virtually all my books in boxes and ready to go.

It’s been a rather leisurely packing process, and every Wednesday and Thursday I attack a little more of it. At some point in mid to late February, though, I have to really get on the stick because my tenant will be out of the house, and I’ll be free to re-occupy my beloved place in Ellenton. The challenge of getting the cats and everything else there is nothing compared to the psychological benefits.

That will be a great day, and it’ll be even greater when I’m settled back in at my house. It’s hard to believe that there’s this place that I love so much, and that I’ve been apart from for so long. I remember, though, when I look in my financial records and see that I’ve made those mortgage payments and paid those other bills.

It will be nice to have that garage back, and to be able to set up the telescope in the driveway.

Also, I will have to meet my neighbors again.

Of course, with the good comes the bad. I’ll have a long commute to work, but believe me, it will be worth it.


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  1. I live 8 miles from my place of work — I budget an hour to get there, but I’m always late anyway!

    Enjoy getting back to the new/old digs.

    Comment by Diana in NYC | January 31, 2012 | Reply

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