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Waiting to start the home countdown

In space exploration, the countdown to launch is always geared for maximum excitement. Check out the Apollo 11 countdown on YouTube. It’s a lot of tech talk, but 40 years ago it was in preparation for the first mission to land men on the moon.

I’ve been waiting to start the countdown to something very exciting for me: my move back to the house in Ellenton. People who know me know I’ve been very eager to get back into that house. For two years, I’ve been in exile of sorts up here in Gainesville, living in a condo near my job. To them, the thought of me moving back into my house and committing to a very long commute to and from work is sheer madness.

But back in 2005, when I signed the papers and work began on the piece of land that would eventually become my house, I was so excited. I remember when the house was just a concrete slab with wires and pipes sticking out of the ground, and I watched week by week as it grew and became a home. Sure, it was just another house mass-built by the builder, but it would have my name on it and I would not only pour money into its purchase, but make it part of my life.

My car went in the garage, my cats explored every room, I slept in the master bedroom and watched TV in the family room. I ate breakfast in the kitchen area and watched the surrounding neighborhood grow. I set up my telescope in the driveway and sometimes in the backyard, and walked the streets of the community for exercise and to see my neighbors.

A lot of myself went into that house. When I left, it was like losing a body part. Maybe it wasn’t a totally necessary body part, but still …

For nearly two years, I have paid the mortgage and more for a house that I don’t live in. That hurts, but what hurts more is to just give up and let it go to short sale or foreclosure. I want something tangible for the two years I have spent in Gainesville, and to me that something is to live in the house again, change the cat litter in the house again, sleep in the house again, eat in the house again, park my car in the garage again, observe the stars outside the house and walk the community called Covered Bridge.

The price of that – a long drive every day – is to me a small price to pay for that opportunity.

Lately, I’ve been having vivid dreams that I’m back in that house. The key on my keyring again opens the front door, the little clicker on the passenger-side visor in the car opens the garage and I’m back home among the rooms and appliances I long to use again.

You may say that it’s just concrete and drywall and metal and so on, but to me it’s more than that. It’s the home I swore I’d keep and work to stay in as long as I could.

Never get in my way when I’m determined, people, and this is one case where I’m not giving up.

Let the countdown begin, and soon!


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  1. Nice blog

    Comment by David Graves | February 8, 2012 | Reply

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