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Good night, sweet TiVo

If anyone lived with me and asked where it was, I’d probably say it was living happily at a farm, running, jumping and playing with the others.

But it’s not.

No, it’s not a dog or one of my beloved cats. It’s my TiVo. And it’s probably never going to do the job ever again. It’s in its familiar box now, as is the VCR, and it’s going to the storage unit in preparation for my move back to the house later this month.

I packed away the VCR, too. It didn’t get much use, so I also packed away all the VHS tapes I kept at the condo. Almost all the DVDs got packed up, too, except for my “Sopranos” collection. I am going to try to watch the entire run before the end of my living time up here in Gainesville.

All that’s left for TV watching now are the rabbit ears and the DVD player. Of course, I can always watch TV on the computer, but I prefer to be on the couch, where I inevitably draw at least one and usually two cats to watch with me.

The TiVo has been a part of my life since 2005, and there are some shows I always watched, like “The Colbert Report.” I recall that my first TiVo died just before the final episode of “The Sopranos” was shown in 2007, and I had to record the episode “Made in America” on the VCR, which had to be taken out of the garage and hooked up for recording.

The new TiVo served long and well, and deserves better. It did get a long run, though, even after I canceled cable TV, because I had recorded some shows – including 86 episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” – and wanted to see them again before I put the TiVo away.

Well, today, I finished off the final five episodes of the show, deleted them, emptied the “Deleted” folder and now for the first time in years, I’m TiVo-less.

TiVos tended to create very loyal fans. I remember an episode of “Sex and the City” where Cynthia Nixon’s character almost goes nuts when her nanny accidentally damages the TiVo remote and she can’t see her favorite TV series.

I just found my TiVo so convenient after years of flipping tapes in the VCR and trying to keep everything straight. Here was a system that was always on, easy to program and with enough space for nearly everything.

Technology leaves so many good things behind, and maybe someday my TiVo will see new life. In the meantime, I have the fond memories of a device that did the job quietly and well. Sleep tight, my TiVo.


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