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My house in Ellenton

My house in Ellenton is shown on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012. On March 1, I will be back in the house, and soon will have all my stuff and more there.

On Wednesday, I drove down to Ellenton for the first time in around eight months to visit my house.

My house. I like the way that sounds. My house.

I don’t live there but effective March 1, 2012 C.E., I can unlock the front door, walk in and tread on the carpets in all the rooms, free of concern that I’m intruding.

Yes, my tenants are moving out and have already begun the process, and I am beginning the process of moving in.

It’s kind of odd that some folks see this decision as a bad idea. I will have to commute 165 miles each way to work, and that’s about 2.5 hours each way, but I see it as a price that has to be paid for comfort and joy. I could have abandoned the Ellenton house, like so many others have been abandoned, but I have chosen to keep it at great cost because that’s the kind of person I am.

I could have just become a heroin addict, then gone to rehab and received the acclaim of many for my courage, and I recognize that being reliable and working every day doesn’t gain you the respect of people, but I’m going to do what’s right and proper. It’s not totally to my benefit, but to have the right to live in that house, I’ll sacrifice a lot.

The sacrifices are nothing new, and began two years ago when I decided that in addition to taking the job in Gainesville, I’d move up there instead of commuting. The drive was a beast, but after a week it seemed somewhat tolerable.

In retrospect, moving to Gainesville and having to rent a storage unit turned out to be a pain in the butt. Now I have to undo everything and make, in effect, at least two moves, meaning lots of driving ahead to get back to where I was. Let’s not even think about having to haul four cats 165 miles. I’ve done it a couple of times before and it’s not fun, believe me.

But once I’m removed from Gainesville, except for work, and back at the house in Ellenton, I see some major advantages. I’ll be paying for one home, not two; I’ll be living in a quiet area; and I have my network of friends.

In every way, moving back to Ellenton is the right decision.


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