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Observing from Ellenton, March 12

My first astronomical observations from Ellenton went pretty well, and I spent most of the time with some folks in the neighborhood who came by to look through the telescope.

It’s kind of odd because some of the people think I’m a new tenant, and they’re surprised to learn that I am the original owner of the house who just moved back in.

In any case, the observing was good despite the streetlight across the street from the house, and I was able to show off the Venus-Jupiter conjunction through the finder and the individual planets through the telescope. Many people are unaware that Venus and Mercury show phases like the moon through a telescope, and Venus was basically a half-Venus.

As usual, the sight of Jupiter entranced every one, and for a bonus I was able to show Mars. My last two objects were my old friends, the Orion Nebula (M42) and M41, the open cluster in Canis Major.

The best part was hauling the telescope back into the garage instead of having to disassemble it completely and carry it up two flights of stairs. That makes coming back to the house worthwhile, and I look forward to more observing from the front and backyards.


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