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Back in Robert Caro’s able hands

I’ve begun Robert Caro’s latest book, “The Passage of Power,” and a few pages in, I’m completely hooked.

This is the latest, and next-to-last, volume of Caro’s biography of President Lyndon B. Johnson, and it’s bound to be a classic.

I have the previous three books, “The Path to Power,” “Means of Ascent” and “Master of the Senate,” and I can say it lives up to those books. Let’s hope Caro finishes the final book in his “The Years of Lyndon Johnson” series soon. I know how it ends, but he’s such a great writer I want to know more about LBJ.

“The Passage of Power” arrived on my Kindle today, and I’ve only read the beginning of the first chapter, but already I can see that LBJ, the man who rose from nothing to the heights of American power as Majority Leader in the Senate, has hit a roadblock as vice president under President John F. Kennedy.

He’s frustrated, powerless and ridiculed by the Kennedy team, and he’s even denied the right to fly on Air Force One. But one day in Dallas, he’ll come into his own, and what he believes is his birthright.

Caro calls the years before Johnson ascends to the top office the years of humiliation for Johnson. It’s not hard to see why.

Please, Mr. Caro, write fast and I’ll buy your book, just as I bought this most recent work, albeit on my Kindle.


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