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‘Bad Blood’ another 1970s song that needs to be eradicated

I was driving the other day in my car when the song “(You’re) Having My Baby” by Paul Anka came on satellite radio.

Now, “70’s on 7” sometimes has some fun music, but when it was followed by Neil Sedaka’s “Bad Blood,” I knew I had a new blog posting.

Like Paul Anka, who hadn’t managed a hit song since the late 1950s, Neil Sedaka suddenly materialized in the 1970s and began to get airplay, or they simply engaged in payola. In any case, the radio was filled with their songs again.

The thing about “Bad Blood” that I always remember is that Sedaka turned up with his teenage son on “Wonderama” with Bob McCallister, which was on local TV in New York City in the 1960s and 1970s.

Sedaka’s son was practically given a medal for an introduction he had given, and then the father sat down at the piano and the son stood there with a microphone to lend a hand to his father.

In “Bad Blood,” the chorus is basically double-tracked: “Bad … bad … Blood … blood.”

The repeated words are sung higher. Also, there is the astonishingly profound statement, “Jerum, jerum, gitchy gitchy rum rum/Jerum, jerum, gitchy gitchy rum rum/ Jerum, jerum, gitchy gitchy rum rum/Bad blood, talkin’ ’bout bad blood.”

Well, on “Wonderama,” Sedaka’s son was supposed to sing the part that would have been double-tracked. Except, his voice was breaking, so when he tried to sing the higher part, it sounded like a goat being strangled. As I recall, they acted like he had just invented a cure for cancer.

I could never hear the song again without hearing that horrific chorus.

Satellite radio delivers so much, and then there’s these two songs, and more, that bring me back. The trouble is, I don’t want to go.


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