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How I almost became a standardized test grader

When you need a job, sometimes you’ll go to any lengths to be considered.

During my time on the unemployment rolls, I was seriously looking for something to keep me busy and provide me with a paycheck, even though any money I made was deducted from my unemployment benefits.

So when I saw the ad for test grader, I sent out a resume and cover letter, but never expected to get a response. My job search was becoming futile, and it was a bummer of an experience. Here I was, an intelligent, educated man, and I couldn’t even get a job pushing shopping carts at Wal-Mart.

I was stunned beyond belief when I got a response from the testing firm, and was asked to report to the location for an interview.

They actually treated me like a human being in the place, and I filled out paperwork with the feeling that it might not be a waste of time.

I was told about the job and what it entailed. It was grading the writing portion of standardized tests. We’d be given a rubric, like grading for content but not spelling, grammar or punctuation, or maybe grading for all the above, and we’d read essays on the screen. Recognizing my experience, the interviewer cautioned me: you’re not an editor, just a grader.

In a room, me and a few other people were given pencils, printed essays and time to read and grade the essays. In this case, I was to act as an editor and show that I could grade the way they wanted. I guess I impressed them enough because I was then interviewed with another fellow, and told that I had what they were looking for.

A few weeks later, I was called and told that with the vast number of people looking for work, I could not be hired, but the guy said he’d keep me in mind for a future opportunity. He never called back. Maybe it was for the best.


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