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Penn State and other colleges must clean house after the Sandusky report

Job One: End Penn State’s football program.

Completely. Finis. Done. Gone.

Next: Make it clear to football team-universities that the era of multimillion-dollar coaches and million-dollar assistant coaches is over. Coaches are paid $250,000 a year plus health benefits and retirement. Assistants get $125,000 plus health benefits and a 401k. No exceptions.

Don’t like the deal? Leave the game. Go to the pros.

Athletic departments need to experience hard austerity, and I would recommend that universities start pricing boxes for the sports bureaucracies’ employees to take out their personal belongings. The days of wine and roses are over. Other university departments that offer a lot more have taken brutal cuts. Now it’s the turn of the sports departments.

These massive reductions are not mass punishment for Jerry Sandusky’s disgusting and sick crimes, but they have to happen. The public simply doesn’t want to spend the money on a college sports program that is little more than the equivalent of a man waving his tool in the air, shouting, “Mine is bigger than yours!”

In university administration, every single job from top to bottom must be evaluated and justified, and pay and benefit adjustments downward need to be made. Anyone who won’t work for the money must be escorted off the campus and advised to never return.

Every nickel must be squeezed until it howls. The party’s over for administrators and boards of trustees. Now comes the reality the 99 percent have had to live with. We don’t get paid six figures for honorary degrees and attending meetings once a month or less. We don’t get our asses kissed by others.

The focus must be on education, not winning in sports. Anyone who is against that, exit stage right.


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