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Is the end near for my beloved Dell?

Since 2005, I have lived and worked by a Dell XPS Gen 4 PC that has followed me all over.

It’s gone with me from the house in Sarasota to the new place in Ellenton, then up to Gainesville for almost two years, then back to Ellenton. It’s been mostly reliable and I think it has some good years left in it.

Nonetheless, some scary things are afoot with this machine. Last night, it had a blue-screen crash again while waking up from hibernation, failed to reboot, and when it did reboot popped up scary messages about having recovered from a serious disk error. One time before, it blue-screened, then said I didn’t have a C: drive. But it recovered well, and has continued to work.

Occasionally, the monitor shows a red line, which indicates a coming failure.

Still, I continue to use the computer. My job situation isn’t ideal for buying a new one, but since I use the home computer for work, I may have to make a decision soon.

I could work from my laptop, which is new and reliable, or even from my old Gateway PC, which is reliable and can, with some updates, go online. The Gateway PC even runs Windows XP, so the changes won’t be as radical.

I have considered a new PC, and saw that off-the-shelf systems at Best Buy and HHgregg are going for less than $1,000 without the monitor and are better-equipped than what I have now. Still, changing over is always a hassle, and while my system is running – even with the occasional blue-screen, I hate the thought of starting over with a new PC.

It used to be that the PC business was a big one for companies. That has changed, which is bad news for the Dells, Gateways and HPs of the world, but good news for consumers. Still, the thought of moving all my data over is a pain, and believe me I don’t want to spend the rest of my life reinstalling Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and all the stuff I’ve bought for it over the years.

Someday, I may have to, though. At least I’m very familiar with Windows 7, from my laptop work.


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