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Making new feline friends is a nice feeling

One good thing about returning to my house in Ellenton has been that I can walk again, especially at night.

I couldn’t do this kind of walking at night in Gainesville, except around an apartment complex. It was a boring walk. The streets were unsafe after dark where I lived.

There’s something about a long stroll through my suburban subdivision, with music or NPR podcasts on the iPhone, and my thoughts to accompany me.

At about the halfway point in my walk, I often encounter a friendly cat who walks over to get stroked a few times before I continue on my way. This particular cat is kind of odd looking, with strange-colored fur, but he’s friendly and often flops on his side to get his belly petted. Then I go my way, and the cat goes his way.

I had noticed some additions to the cats at this one house. They are outside cats whose owners leave the garage door up enough so the cats can get in and out. In addition to my friend, who is black and white in color, there’s a white cat with the same type of longhair fur, an orange tabby, and a tiny gray and black tabby kitten.

In the past, the other three ran away, or stayed away from me, while the other cat got stroked, but something changed last night.

I didn’t see my black and white friend, but the white cat came over to be petted, then the orange tabby. The kitten came out partway, then ran to safety. I petted my new friends and continued on my way, but noticed that the white cat was following me. So I turned around, and petted that cat some more. Then I saw that the tabby kitten also was following further behind. I went back, and actually got the kitten to let me pet him.

I finished by petting the white cat again, then set off on my way. I didn’t see the black and white cat at all. Maybe he was inside for the night.

In any case, it was good to make some new feline friends.


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