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Not being a teacher was the best option

I was going through some books a while back, and found a few from my brief effort at gaining teacher certification.

I was working at The Bradenton Times at the time, and wondered if I actually was ever going to get a good job again, even in the news media. I needed benefits and better pay, and had done a story about alternative teacher certification.

After applying for it, and taking the required testing, I was put into a cohort and began taking my classes. It was interesting and fun, but the program felt very rushed and I doubt I would have done well as a teacher. Could a man in his 50s really get seventh-graders to read a book? I doubt it.

I passed all my classes, but at the end I was interviewing for a job that I later got with the Gainesville Sun. I got to say goodbye to everyone and wish them good luck. In truth, it had been quite a learning experience.

In retrospect, and considering the recent news about layoffs in the Manatee County School District, quitting my training was the best thing I ever did.

The truth is that I’m not cut out for teaching, and dealing with the education bureaucracy would have been a worse hell than when I worked for the Postal Service. The fact that I could escape at any time back into journalism also would have made me a bad candidate for teaching since I would have jumped at any copy desk job I could find.

In fact, it’s almost an open secret that most school administrators up to the school superintendent have their resumes up and searchable, and would leave a job in the middle of a semester to get a few tens of thousands more in pay and perks. As a teacher, I’d have the same attitude and, while I might feel bad for the disruption caused to the kids, it would have been for the best. They’d have learned that when you see an opportunity, you need to go for it.

It’s good to be back in journalism, watching the wheels of time go round and round, and documenting it all for the people. I never regretted quitting teacher training because the way public education is now, the only people who come out ahead are the admins.


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