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Getting that first book published achieved a big goal

Several years ago, my second cousin Angelo’s brother-in-law, Jack Martin, made a suggestion I thought ridiculous.

He advised me to start writing fiction.

Look at John Grisham, Jack said. He just sat down and started writing a story on a legal pad, and he’s made a fortune selling novels about the legal profession.

I couldn’t argue with Jack on that. I had even bought some of Grisham’s novels and enjoyed them. He was on TV and radio talking about his books and has been acclaimed as a great writer. Between reading all his novels and watching the “Law & Order” TV series, you probably could skip law school and take the bar exam.

But I was dismissive of Jack’s idea. I was a journalist, a purveyor of fact, not fiction. And besides, I told him, I didn’t have any ideas for novels.

Jack has left us, and I miss him terribly now. But I have suddenly found myself with ideas for novels and have acted on them.

My first novel, “Flyboy,” is for sale as an e-book on For $5, you can download my third work of fiction. I am currently finishing up another untitled book and have a third book that I started before those two, and which also needs to be finished. may be the evil empire of the book world, but it makes publishing your work as an e-book easy.

I’ve sold a few copies of “Flyboy,” my story of a youth who wants to build his own flying machine and actually succeeds but then run into trouble from those who want to limit his dreams, and plan on doing a lot more to promote the book.

And the lessons learned in creating “Flyboy” are being integrated into my next books.

Jack was right. I had a lot of good stories to tell, and look forward to telling them in my next books.

In the meantime, got to hit Microsoft Word and start typing.


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