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When Angelo ruled on Sea Pines Lane

I was looking through YouTube on my Playstation yesterday when the thought hit me that I should look for some of David Brinkley’s old broadcasts.

David Brinkley died in the early 2000s, but before that he was one of the greats of TV journalism. From 1981 to 1996, he had been the anchor of a Sunday morning program on ABC called “This Week With David Brinkley.”

My second cousin Angelo liked to watch this show, and for a time in the late 1980s and 1990s I’d go over to his house on Sunday morning and watch it with him. We’d sit on his couches – Angelo against the window and me facing the TV – and watch and comment on the show.

Angelo was a great man, and I loved being with him and his wife, Veronica. We had so many crazy adventures together and I miss the two of them so much. I miss those Sunday mornings, too.

One of the shows Angelo and I might have seen together was the one in November 1989 when the Berlin Wall fell. You can find it on YouTube. What a time it was. I thought it must have been something for Angelo and his generation, who might have thought that the wall might never fall. Soon, communism would fall and there would be, as President George H.W. Bush said in a speech, a “new world order.”

Brinkley’s show existed in a time when the Internet was not a presence in news. You’d see the intro graphics, then Brinkley would come on and introduce the stories that would be covered and discussed, as well as the panel discussion members. Then he’d say, “All this and more, on our Sunday program.”

After a commercial break, Brinkley would come back and say, “And now some news since the Sunday morning papers.”

You can’t even conceive of that today, when the news is presented 24/7.

I’ll always associate my memories of Angelo with my memories of David Brinkley. I miss them both.

The garbage can
Incidentally, one thing Angelo loved to do was give me the business about how he saw an ad where a suburban householder removes a large amount of mail from his mailbox and then drops all the mail, presumably all junk mail, in a trash can.

Angelo got a kick out of that ad, and loved telling me about it.

I think about it when the daily delivery of junk mail arrives.


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